Microphone accessories for professional decibel level recording and noise monitoring - available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Designed to work with the AudioTools iOS app

Available to buy in the UK and across the EU

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iAudioInterface2 by Studio6Digital

The professional audio interface for iOS made for AudioTools.
Featuring phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, digital audio output, internal battery, and iOS device charging.

Works with the AudioTools app

£459 incl VAT

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Compatible with iOS devices

Announcing the all-new iAudioInterface2. Designed from the ground up to work with all of the current Apple iOS products, iAI2 is the perfect companion to AudioTools, and the perfect stereo audio interface for all your iOS apps.

Digital audio link to iOS device for lowest noise, and best quality. Uses our own A/D converters and DAC with precision USB audio clock recovery.

Self powered

Internal li-ion battery, draws no power from your device. When charging with the included universal power external adapter, also charges your attached iOS device, including iPad.

Power supply includes plug socket compatible with:

  • UK (Type G)
  • EU (Type C)
  • USA (Type A)
  • Australia (Type I)


USB audio

Connect to your PC or Android device

The iAudioInterface2 device also comes with a USB cable and can be used with computers (including Windows PC and Apple Mac) and other devices such as Android smartphones and tablets at sample rates up to 48kHz / 24bit.

More information can be found on the Studio6Digital website

Connection choice

iAudioInterface2 is available with the latest generation Lightning connector or previous generation 30-pin connector.


Microphone / Line in

Choose from:

  • 48V Phantom-powered XLR microphone input, with up to 50dB of gain
  • Balanced line input for transfer function measurements
  • Balanced line output for signal generation or monitoring through headphones with level control

Digital audio out (Optical)

Toslink digital audio output, mirrors line out at full level, also supports Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 and DTS ES 6.1 test signals (optional in AudioTools)