Microphone accessories for professional decibel level recording and noise monitoring - available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Designed to work with the AudioTools iOS app

Available to buy in the UK and across the EU

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AudioTools is the professional audio test & measurement app that gives you a comprehensive set of tools on your iOS mobile device. Perfect for A/V techs, FOH, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers, and anyone who loves pro audio.

Upgrade AudioTools with iAudioInterface2, iPrecisionMic or iTestMic2, to complete your mobile professional audio test & measurement system.

With the AudioTools app you can:

  • Record audio files compressed to save size with lossless compression that doesn’t remove any of the original sound.
  • Record 1/3rd octave bands from 25Hz to 20kHz or record at 100ms resolution for detailed sound level results
  • Connect your device to a Dropbox account to have your data and audio instantly available through the internet
  • Easily updated through the app store so you can access new features as soon as they’re available and any software bugs can be fixed remotely

How to get the AudioTools app?

The AudioTools app is available through the Apple store.


The app includes a base package of free tools and other modules that are available at an extra cost.

For a list of all the AudioTools modules including those which are included and those at an extra cost, check out the Studio6Digital prices page here.


Useful information

User Manual:

Download the AudioTools manual from StudioSixDigital

or Click here for more information about AudioTools on the Studio 6 Digital website

Video guide:

SPL Graph module in AudioTools - by Studio Six Digital