For professional decibel level recording and noise monitoring.

Available to buy in the UK

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Rugged weatherproof container

MPC-1 is fully waterproof, weatherproof, and hermetically sealed. It includes a pressure relief valve that can be opened to equalize the internal and external pressure, for the times the the outside air pressure exceeds that in the case.

There are no holes to the outside, to maintain the waterproof integrity of the case, but it is easy drill a hole to the outside to pass microphone or power cables in and out. These can then be sealed with foam or in other ways for extended use outdoors.

MPC-1 has laser-foam cutouts designed specifically for:

  • iPrecisionMic
  • iTestMic
  • iPhone 5, 6 & 7 series iOS devices (not Plus)
  • iPad Mini series iOS devices

There are also spaces to hold Li-Ion or lead-acid batteries, iAudioInterface2, as well as a variety of cables and connectors. There are cable pass-through cutouts between the different pockets to allow routing cables between the iOS device and the audio device, and the battery or AC power supply.

MPC-1 includes a tripod mount 1/4-20 thread, to mount the unit to a tripod for outdoor use.