For professional decibel level recording and noise monitoring.

Available to buy in the UK

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Support for next generation iPhones and iPads

Apple has changed the connector from Lightning to USB-C on most iPads, and very soon new iPhones.  This newest release of the iTestMic2 supports these new devices. 

Also supports Lightning devices with an additional adapter (not included).  For example, the Apple USB-C Camera Connection Kit adapter allows direct use of the iTestMic2 USB-C.  Some of these adapters also provide charging. 

Analog Output

iTestMic2 includes a 3.5mm (1/8") stereo analog audio output jack for test signals as well as general purpose audio output.

Note that this is a full-level output and does not respond to iOS level controls.

On-board Analog Electronics

A high-resolution analog preamp, regulated low-noise power supply, Analog-Digital Converter (ADC), and Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) are used for precision measurements and audio quality.

Professional Test & Measurement Microphone

The 1/2" nominal diameter microphone has been designed to minimize high-frequency diffraction effects for the flattest frequency response.

iTestMic2 has 2 gain ranges to support a wide 25-120dBA SPL range.

The microphone capsule and electronics provide an extremely flat response,with low frequency response to 10Hz for accurate measurements below the audible audio range.

Factory Calibrated

Calibration is stored in the microphone for instant accurate SPL readings. Just plug iTestMic2 into your iOS device, launch AudioTools or another Studio Six Digital audio test app, and the calibration is automatically transferred to the app for accurate SPL readings. S6D use a regulated internal power supply, calibration will not change with varying iOS device voltage. No user calibration is required.

At any time, you may use a standard 1/2" nominal calibrator and check or adjust the calibration.

Each iTestMic2 now includes individual frequency calibration files that improve the frequency resolution of the microphone and cancel out any minor capsule deviations.

How is this better than the uTestMic?

The uTestMic (USB-A) is being discontinued.  The iTestMic2 USB-C is superior in the following ways:

  • USB-C for direct connection to iPad and forthcoming iPhones, as well as computers
  • This is an MFi product, and as such pulls the calibration data from the mic, and allows hi/low range selection
  • Lower noise floor
  • Flatter response before correction
  • Wider dynamic range
  • Automatic installation of the calibration file in AudioTools


  • iTestMic2 with USB-C connector
  • Wind screen
  • Mic clip
  • Calibration certificate



  • 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB
  • Omnidirectional pattern
  • 26 dBA - 120 dBA performance in two ranges
  • NC Limit: Below NC29
  • Two gain ranges, 26-104 dBA, and 49-120 dBA
  • Mono input signal, present at both Left and Right iOS device input channels


  • 3.5mm (1/8") stereo analog output jack (full volume level)
  • Low-distortion output


  • Excellent immunity to cell phone RF noise
  • Factory calibration stored internally, calibrated with a NIST-tracable 94.0 dB pressure-compensated calibrator
  • 1/2" nominal size, fits all standard calibrators

Technical Information

The dual-gain range mic preamp, A/D converters, D/A converters and USB digital audio interface are all contained within the mic itself, so no Apple analog electronics are used. This lets us bypass the heavy filtering and compression that are normally in use, and also to store calibration values that are read by software. 

iTestMic2 is equivalent to having a pro Type 2-class test & measurement mic, low-noise matched preamp with two fixed gain ranges, A/D converter, DAC, and USB digital audio interface, all combined in one portable device.

iTestMic2 meets ANSI / ISO Type 2 specifications for frequency response, linearity, and directional characteristics.  S6D do not guarantee that this microphone can meet the strict environmental requirements of Type 2 or Type 1.