For professional decibel level recording and noise monitoring.

Available to buy in the UK

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Class 1 certification-ready microphone for iOS

iPrecisionMic is a Class 1 (Type 1) certification-ready microphone that is also an iOS direct-connect Lightning accessory. iPrecisionMic is factory calibrated to +/-0.1dB using a NIST traceable pressure-compensated calibrator. The calibration offsets are store in the microphone's nonvolatile memory, and are transferred automatically to an iOS device running S6D AudioTools app.

Self-contained device

All of the active electronics are in the microphone body, including the microphone preamplifier, precision 24-bit A/D converter, and the circuitry required to communicate with Apple devices via a digital audio link. This means that S6D are not reliant on the analog electronics stages in the iPhone or iPad, but rather S6D completely bypass them with a digital audio link.

Power supply included

iPrecisionMic can be powered directly from the iOS device battery. It uses less than 60ma while audio is active, and much less when idle.  In testing S6D found that an iPad running Audiotools ran continuously for over 18 hours off the battery (with the screen turned off).

Alternatively, use the included AC adapter and run the device continuously whilst also charging the battery of the attached iOS device.

Audio output

To use the signal generator output from the app, you can plug in any standard 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo audio plug.

Note that the output is line level, and is not designed to power headphones.

Reliable and accurate

Not only is iPrecisionMic accurate, clean, and calibrated, but it requires no setup when connected to S6D apps. Instant, calibrated SPL measurements. Share it between several users, confident in knowing that it will also give you the same calibrated, reliable results no matter who is using it.

Professional quality

The microphone is built of beautifully finished nickel-plated solid bronze tubing, with no seams or welds. It has very low susceptibility to mechanical resonances.  When equipped with a weatherproof windscreen and a protective boot on the cable end, it may be used outdoors in all weather conditions.

A microphone is only as good as its capsule, and we use a special hand-selected thread-on capsule with a metal diaphragm built for us by ACO Pacific. Every mic ships with its own calibration report, and is available either with or without a Type 1 Certification certificate. 

iPrecisionMic is very low noise, guaranteed to be below 18 dBA, for measuring room noise. It is also very flat, with a 3 dB rolloff below 3 Hz. The preamp self noise is typically 5 dB below the capsule noise floor.

Each microphone is tested and a frequency response graph is included with the device.



  • iPrecisionMic with Lightning connector
  • Power supply
  • Calibration certificate and frequency response graph
  • User manual

Performance and Specifications

  • Response Characteristic Free Field response 0°
  • Omni-directional
  • Temperature Coefficient -10°C to 50°C 0.01dB/°C
  • Influence of Humidity <+/-0.1dB (non-condensing)
  • Long Term Stability at 20° >250 years/dB
  • Dynamic Range (3% THD) 20dBA - 125dBA in two ranges
  • Frequency Response +/- 1dB 15Hz - 20kHz 
  • Fixed-iOS interconnect cable length 1m
  • Made in USA

Software add-ons included

iPrecisionMic will automatically unlock the SPL Pro and SPL Graph modules (including octave band logging) in AudioTools. 

It will also trigger measurements to be processed in 24-bit mode.